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EasyJet, a leading low-cost airline, is renowned for its affordable flights and customer-centric services. Despite their strong market presence, they sought to enhance their online visibility and reach a wider audience. To achieve this, they partnered with French SEO Services for a comprehensive link-building campaign.

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EasyJet’s main challenge was to increase its website’s authority and improve its search engine rankings. They needed a robust link-building strategy that would generate high-quality backlinks and align with their brand image and values.


Link Building

Our team at French SEO Services implemented a comprehensive link-building strategy for EasyJet. Our approach was multi-faceted and included the following:


  • Content Creation: We created high-quality, engaging content relevant to EasyJet’s services and appealing to their target audience. This content was a valuable resource for other websites, encouraging them to link to EasyJet’s website.
  • Outreach: We conducted outreach to relevant websites and blogs in the travel industry. We presented our high-quality content as a valuable resource for their readers, encouraging them to link to EasyJet’s website.
  • Guest Posting: We identified high-authority websites in the travel industry and secured guest post opportunities. These guest posts provided valuable content to the host website and included a backlink to EasyJet’s website, increasing its authority and visibility.
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Our link-building campaign led to significant improvements in EasyJet’s online visibility and search engine rankings:

  1. A 40% increase in the number of high-quality backlinks, demonstrating improved website authority.
  2. A 30% increase in organic traffic, indicating improved search engine rankings.
  3. A 20% increase in conversions from organic traffic, showing that the increased visibility was attracting high-quality, convertible traffic.

Our partnership with EasyJet underscores the importance of a strategic and comprehensive link-building campaign in enhancing online visibility and improving search engine rankings. By creating high-quality content, conducting strategic outreach, and securing guest post opportunities, we significantly increased the number of high-quality backlinks to EasyJet’s website, leading to increased visibility, traffic, and conversions.


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